At Home Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities for Mt. Woodson Students


Dear Mt. Woodson Families,

It’s important that all students continue to practice their academic skills at home during breaks and vacations.  This prevents loss of acquired skills.

Here are some great ways for kids to review and have fun.

Rocket Into Reading

See our PTA information about summer and holiday reading programs for prizes.  Be sure to read books in your appropriate lexile level and take the Reading Counts tests when you come back to school.  You can visit Reading Logs to download the forms.

Reading Counts

Reading Counts is a program used at all elementary schools in Ramona.  Students earn points for taking a short reading comprehension quiz in the Reading Counts Program.  Quizzes must be taken at school.  It’s important that students keep track of what they read over the summer so they can take their quizzes when they return to school in the fall. 

It is also important that students read at their lexile level.  Your child’s lexile number is printed on the MAP results sheets you received with your recent report card.  If students read books at their lexile level, they will better understand what they are reading.  

For more information, check out our Reading Counts Page.
To search for a book in your student's lexile level, click Here.
To go to the kid's page on Scholastic, click Here.

Reading Plus

Some students have been working in the Reading Plus program to build reading comprehension and fluency.  Students who are already working in this program can access it at home by logging onto Reading Plus.  Our site code for Mt. Woodson is mtwoodelem.  You need to pick your teacher to get started.  Students use the same user name and password they use at school.

Lexia Phonics

Some students have been working in the Lexia Phonics program to build up phonemic skills necessary for a strong reading foundation.  Students who have been working in the Lexia program can access Lexia from home.  Click Here to go to Lexia Core 5 and use your student's regular login/password.

Some classes are using Raz-Kids in their rooms.  You can use this program at home as well.  Go to the website Raz-Kids.  Your student will know their teacher's class name and login/password information.

Some classes are using Scootpad.  To use this program, go to the website Scootpad  Your student will know their login/password information. 

For most of the programs, your computer must meet the following system requirements and the Flash and Java must be up to date:




Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4 or highest available)

OZ x version 10.2+

Windows XP (service pack 2 or highest available)


Windows Vista


256 MB RAM Suggested

700 MB free hard drive space

32 MB video acceleration

An active internet connection

A compatible internet browser (Internet Explorer v5.5+, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Javascript must be enabled on all browsers.)  Some programs prefer certain browsers.  If you are having trouble with a program working correctly, try it in a different browser.  We have had the least success with Internet Explorer.



Keep practicing your skills!