Stemm, Alicia

For the Week of January 29th

Happy Warm, Windy, Winter Weather!

Do you know what's really cool?

Mrs. Stemm's students just rocked their wonderful winter MAP tests.  Parents will be getting the COOL results with their student's 2nd trimester's report card. 

I was proud of ALL students who tried their BEST to show what they know.  Every student had scores that showed  growth at different levels in all academic subjects.  Please celebrate your child's hard work.  Learning is not easy.  It takes work!  Your children should be tired at the end of the day. I know they are working hard, because I see my students working hard every moment of the day.  I have high expectations for all of your children.  Please make sure they are rested and ready to learn every day.  

Thank you for all the Clorox wipes!  This is to reassure you that I am cleaning the room.   I have been trying my BEST to wipe down the room every day. I am wiping student desks, faucet, door, and tables.

 I encourage students to wash their hands.  If your child is sick and feeling a fever coming on, headache, or body aches, then your child might be coming down with the flu. It is not a good idea to send a child who has a fever to school to work. Student should rest to get well. So far, most of my students have been very healthy in my class.  If your child is not feeling well, It is best to get rest then to try to work hard in class.     

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Happy New Year 2018
The Week of January 15th

January 15th: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday... No School

Mt. Woodson is having a FAMILY FUN RUN on Friday, Jan. 19th.  We are running at 10:00 to 10:30.  Please come by and join us... Don't forget to sign-in in  the office and wear the badge.

Mother and Son Pizza Party is January 25th.  

SAVE the DATE:  Feb. 15th. 
 Walking field trip to Grasslands is being plannied for  Thursday, Feb. 15th. I will need lots of volunteers to help us get there safely.  We plan on leaving at 9:00 and coming back by lunch.  Please see the details coming home with you in a few weeks.  

Students will be taking their Math Winter MAP test on Thursday afternoon.  Please remind your students to put 100% effort their test.  We want to celebrate student growth. A good handful of students took the reading test too fast.  I am hoping to slow down the pace on the next two test and watch carefully so that EVERY student tries their BEST to show what they KNOW.

Reading:  Students have learned to use Destiny to look up a book in the library.  Destiny is found in the Students Login Page.  They all know how to search for a book in our Mt. Woodson's Library.  

WE have been focusing a lot of time on Oral Reading Fluency and Comprehension.  Students should be able to retell what they are reading.  We have been reading nonfiction passages and focusing on the standard that helps the student recognize the author's key points and details.

Spelling is based on sight words, phonics skills and academic words.  Please be sure your student has learned their weekly spelling words.  I am giving green cards to students who earn 100% on their spelling tests each week.

Students should be working hard during the class time. I have been challenged with students who are talking too much to their friends and not working on their assignments.  Please encourage your student to come to school "READY to LEARN."

In Math, we are beginning Unit 3 to study measurement and geometry for the rest of January.  Students need to memorize their addition and subtraction facts at home.   Getting flashcards with addition and subtraction facts is a great idea to help your child at home know their facts automatically.

In Social Studies and Science we are studying land forms .
We will be creating a land form map using clay.

Writing Informative Text is our new learning intention.  Students are learning how to use text features to help them get information so that they can write a report about a topic they choose.  We are learning new success criteria for informative writing.

WE love to sing in room 21 this year.  We are starting to learn patriotic songs for the next few months. I hope you hear your students singing at home the new songs we will be learning.  

Art is for Everybody! We are very thankful to have our PTA support our art standards.  The students just finished making pottery.  They love to paint and create many beautiful pieces of art. I know they will be excited to share the art with you at Open House which will be on May 10th.

  1. The Week of December 4 through December 8

    It is beginning to look a lot like WINTER back EAST....

    But in Ramona, we are dreaming about cold weather and getting in the holiday spirit.

    With the holidays approaching, ROOM 21 would like to invite our families to our Classroom Publishing Party.

    Please make sure you read your child's invitation to our Publishing Party to celebrate the Authors in my classroom.  Please  set the date for December 15 from 12:10 to 12:45.  We plan on having a treat afterwards.  Students are encouraged to wear their favorite holiday cheer clothes as they will be performing a few holiday songs for all of you to enjoy.

    If you are interested in donating, purchasing, a special store bought treat, please email me at and what you plan to share with the group.  We can have special treats and goodies for this special Publishing Party for favorite authors of the year after the authors read their personal narratives  to you. Fruit and special book markers are also great ideas. 

    Please read your child's special invitation.  Of course, grandparents are welcome to

    come share in our celebration.  

    Here is just a few things we are working on...

    Grammar:  Creating a flipbook to review singular and plural nouns, proper nouns, pronouns, collective nouns, irregular plural nouns, and possessive nouns.  That's a lot of NOUNS!

    Math:  WE are adding two digit numbers and solving word problems.  Students need to know how to make a new ten and hundred.

    Please check their homework.

    Reading;  This week, students will be tested in RAZ KIDS to see if they need to move up or down a level.

    Writing:  WE are publishing and illustrating our personal narratives in books and on the our Chromebooks.  

    Our Holiday Gift shop is open, and we shop on Wednesday, December 6th.

    PTA's SPECIAL Polar Express is on Thursday Night. Please join in on the FUN with your families.

    Student Council is collecting CANNED GOODS for FAMILIES in RAMONA. 

    RAMONA is a GREAT PLACE that shows GENEROSITY and COMPASSION to our  families in NEED.  Thank you for all of your can goods!  YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

     .Santa Claus With His Bag.png

    Thanksgiving Turkey.png

    There will be NO SCHOOL


    The Week of November 13th... Begins THE 2nd TRIMESTER...
    Report Cards will be going home after the THANKSGIVING BREAK.

    Homework:There will only be math and the Reading Log for homework.There will NOT be new spelling words for this week.  We need to make sure we learn the spelling patterns that have been introduced and taught:  aw, ir, ur, igh, ou, old, ue, ew, er, ed, ing, and est.  Parents can review lists of words on and view Second Grade lists.  

      All students will be reviewing words that they spelled incorrectly on previous spelling tests.  Please review your child's spelling tests that will be sent home on Monday, and help your student spell the words correctly at home. Each student will be given a individualized spelling test on the words he/she needs to learn. If your child earned the GOOD WORK award, then your child does not need to  review words this week.  

    Math:  Students will be:  writing numbers within 200 in expanded form (100+20+5), practicing reading and writing numbers within 200, working on adding on 1, 10, or 100 to numbers within 200, and comparing numbers using symbols less than, greater than, and equal to show comparisons.  We have lots to do this week.  Students can complete extra problems in
    their assignments on THINK CENTRAL.  Ask your child about our THINK CENTRAL program.  They know how to log on and complete assignments.

    WRITING:  I was very proud to see my scholars make a lot of progress and improvements for writing a personal narrative.  WE practiced how to take a ON DEMAND writing assessments last week, and I was very pleased to see the results.  On Monday, students are taking their POST on DEMAND ASSESSMENT.  For the next two weeks, we will be EDITING and PUBLISHING all of our stories that we have been writing.  WE HOPE to have our PUBLISHING COMPLETED before DECEMBER's WINTER BREAK.  We are hoping to have a publishing party next month on a Friday to share all of stories with our families. 

    A few more quick notes of what we will be studying:

    Plural nouns  (add s and add ies) 
    Irregular plural nouns    ox, oxen; person, people; moose, moose; goose, geese; mouse, mice; louse, lice; woman, women .....  Look up for a list of irregular plural nouns.  I am sure some may surprise.  Lots of fun to look up words.  Maybe you even forgot a few???

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    No School on Friday, November 10th, VETERANS DAY
    Thursday, November 9 is a minimum day... dismissal is at 1:05

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    The week of October 30th

    Thank you parents for all the goodies last Friday for our Fall Party.
    The students enjoyed having a TREAT, because they have been working hard since school began in August.

    Math:  On Wednesday, we will be finishing Unit 1.  Students should be FLUENT in single digit addition and related subtractions using mental strategies. I know many students need to work on being fluent at home.  I will be sending home an extra addition and subtraction fluency math homework page each week. Please help your child MASTER addition and subtraction facts. Students should be MASTERING all addition and subtraction problems using one-step and two-step problems.  

    Writing:  We are continuing our personal narrative stories as we practice editing and revising our stories.  Students are reading their stories multiple times to improve their stories. I am meeting with  studens to improve their writing. Soon we will be spending a few weeks publishing the stories we wrote.  Please continue to help your child think of GREAT stories or special moments they could share and write about for the next couple of weeks.

    Being "Mindful" of our learning is the NEW buzz word in the WEST.  Resilient children are learning ways to stay focused in the classroom. So when the mind wonders away from the learning task, students can be aware and get back on track using brain-focused strategies for learning.  I wish I would have know some of these strategies when I was in school.  I think the mindfulness curriculum is helping your children stay focused and maintain longer periods of learning.  I am always amazed on what we are learning to do with our students.  Research based learning makes a difference in the classroom.

    Illustration Of A Tree With Leaves.png

    We are always learning and growing better ways to teach our students.

    The Week of October 23rd

    Illustration Of A Jack_o_lantern.png
    This week PTA is celebrating Healthy Life Styles .

    The Mt. Woodson Library is having a BOOK FAIR... Please refer to the Scholastic Book Fair fundraiser flyer that went home last week. 

    We are going to the BOOK FAIR ON
    THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26th at 9:00... 

    On Friday, October 27th, after morning announcements,  we will be having  our annual Costume Parade and Autumn Party. Students will have to take off their costumes to resume back to learning intentions after our party. 

    Please email me if you want to be on the parent contact list for classroom party donations.   Thank you to all the parents who have already donated for our  autumn celebration.  

    What does HONESTY MEAN TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY? OUR CHARACTER TRAIT FOCUSES  ON BEING TRUTHFUL THIS MONTH. The students will nominate and vote on our next Student of the Month for demonstrating honesty.

    Math:  We continue to understand add to, take from, and comparison word problems as we work with numbers within 20.  I am quizzing students to make sure they can count by 2's, 5's, and 10's to 100.

    Reading:  We are focusing on EXPANDING VOCABULARY.  This is how  students are  learning how to EXPAND VOCABULARY:

    Success Criteria:

    1.  Students can key into "interesting words" in text.
    2.  Students can ask an adult what the "interesting word" means.
    3. Students can look up an  "interesting word" in a thesaurus or use to find  a word with a similar meaning.
    4.  Students are learning how to use the dictionary and to find the correct meaning of a word.  Students have learned that words can have multiple meanings.  

    5.  This week we are studying prefixes and suffixes to learn how these word parts can change the meaning of  word. On Monday we looked up words with the prefix "mis" in the dictionary.  We are also going to learn the prefixes that mean "NOT" to understand antonyms.  (/in/, /un/ /ir/, /dis/ 

    6.  We are also looking into how to interpret the meaning of compound words.

    Writing:  We are continuing to write personal narratives and students are learning how to revise and edit  their writing to make it better.  Students are becoming self regulated learners by signing to conference with Mrs. Stemm about their writing.

    Language Usage:  We are studying past tense verbs.  We learned the suffix /ed/ at the end of a verb.  Did you know that /ed/ makes three sounds?  It can make the /ed/, /d/ or /t/ sound at the end of verbs. Please notice the sound it makes when you are reading with your child.   

    1. Noticed (t)
    2. Checked (t)
    3. Raced (d)
    4. Regulated (ed)

    Science:  We continue  are study the properties of  matter and the science of a chocolate chip cookie. Ask your child on Thursday,  how does evaporation have to do with a chocolate chip cookie?

    Imagine Learning is FASTER than EVER. The updated APPS are working and much better now.  Students are challenged to use the program for 100 minutes.  

    Use the CLEVER app and log in through CLEVER

    Students are learning how to work with a friend when they have a "misunderstanding."  We are studying emotions and what empathy means.  

    Have a wonderful, fantastic, incredible,  amazing and very great week!

    The Week of October 16th

    Thank you PARENTS for all of your support.  Today the students were AWESOME!  I could see that parents communicated academic goals with their scholars.  The students performed with 100% more effort.  Thank you parents,  because you made a difference.Illustration Of A Haunted House.png
    Thank you for ALL the Halloween donations for our classroom auction basket.  PTA told me that our basket looks very full of Halloween Décor. YOU ARE  VERY INVOLVED PARENTS.  I think you are SPOOKTACULAR!

    Friday, October 20th is our Mt. Woodson HOEDOWN.  I hope to see all of you at our FIRST, FUN SCHOOL FUNDRAISER. Yahoo!  

    Language Usage: This week the schoars are learning how to "Expand  Vocabulary."  Expanding Vocabulary  improve reading comprehension and makes writing more interesting. Today we learned how to find  a word in a thesaurus to  read more words with the same or close to the same meaning.  We learned that words that have similar meaning are called synonyms.  We also  were "elated" to learn how to use to search for synonyms.  Ask your child if they can name at least 5 words that have close to the same meaning as the word " HAPPY." 

    I was  "glad" to see the students were able to do this, and  "joyous" to see that they thought it was fun.  Some students were "perky" to search for more words to read more synonyms.  We made up a goal to try to learn 10 new words a day.  We even calculated how many words we could learn in one month. Ask your child to see how many words they could learn in a month and possible a year. Tomorrow we are going to search for synonyms for the word hot.Hmmm I wonder what synonyms we could search for the words" cool, warm, abstract, and creative.  

    Art is for EVERYONE...  Today we went to the ART Room and learned about abstract art.  Ask your child if they can describe an abstract painting or drawing. We also learned about warm and cool colors.  An artist sometimes uses colors in paintings to help us understand how the artist's emotions. Ask your child what colors he/she used for the abstract image he/she created today in art.

    Math is all about solving word problems this week to finish up Unit  1.  Practice counting by 2's, 5's and 10's to 100.  Start counting at any number between 1 through 100.  

    On Thursday The Green Machine is making a special visit to our second grade classrooms.  Be sure to ask your child what the The Green Machine lesson was all about after school on Thursday.  

    Spelling Patterns are repeated. Check to see if your child knows the spelling pattern each week. Last week we studied /igh/ sound and this week we are studying /old/.  We are taking our test on /ight/ words on Tuesday. 

    On Tuesday we are having an earthquake and a  fire drill. We practice drills to help make us prepared in case there is an emergency.  Are you prepared?   Do you have a plan set in place for an emergency fire or earthquake? 

    Make it A GREAT WEEK!  I just love your children.  Thank you for being a involved and engaged parents.  Remember, you are your child's favorite teacher.

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    The Week of October 2nd
    Thursday, October 5th is Minimum Day.. Dismissal is 1:05
    Friday, October 6th NO SCHOOL for Students...Teacher Profession Development Day
    October 9th through October 13th is Parent/ Teacher Conferences Dismissal 12:45.

    PTA is collecting donations or items for Mrs. Stemm's Halloween Spooktacular     Fundraiser Basket for the October 20th school wide HOE DOWN.  Donate a cute and kid friendly Halloween decorative  item for our basket by October 13th.  

    RAZ KIDS... Students are being assessed this week for their Book Level in RAZ KIDS. This is a online Reading Incentive Program that scholars can long into through CLEVER.  All students are expected to be assessed by this Thursday.  Please check out all the hundreds of FREE literature and FREE science books your scholar can read at home.  There are reading comprehension quizzes that students will take at the end of a book. Be sure to praise your child's efforts in getting "Booster Points."  Look at your child's rocket he/she is building in the program.  You can't build the spacecraft unless you read. Also, parents can monitor your scholar's progress.  Click on the parent log in and it will send me an email message to allow you to monitor your scholar's progress.  

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    The Week of September 25th

    Next week: I will be sending home your parent conference time that you signed up for at Back to School Night. 

    If you haven't signed up for a conference, I will be sending home a sign up sheet on Monday.

    Oct.5 is Minimum Day
    Oct. 6 No School 

    MW is having a HOEDOWN on October 20th! More details coming soon..... Meanwhile help donate if you wish and choose to do so...
    items for our classroom basket auction. My classroom theme is the Fun Primary Spooktacular Halloween decor for your home. Historically, Halloween has been a tradition in United States.    Collect goodies, pumpkin, and candy for the basket to decorate your house. All monies will go to PTA.  This is a fundraiser for MW sponsored by our PTA.
    Illustration Of A Jack_o_lantern.png
    Please help...Can I borrow pumpkins for a pumpkin art activity?  I can return them to the students when we finish the art project. I need orange pumpkins of different sizes. We are going to learn how to draw pumpkins and create a beautiful art project for you to enjoy at home.

    Sharing Schedule    Our second homework packet went home this week with a sharing schedule.  I am pleased to hear your students share in class a personal narrative and a item that goes with their stories.  The students are speaking very clearly and telling great stories that are special to them.  I can tell the students have practiced their stories at home, because they are prepared and ready to share their special moment.  
    Personal Narrrative Writing  This week we are finishing our first personal narrative and are getting ready on Thursday to start writing another story.  We will be writing a few more stories in class, so when something special happens and you know it would make a great story to write about, remind your second grader that this moment would be a good moment to write about. 

    Ask your child what a good story should include. Your scholar should say:  
    1. It is about one special moment to remember
    2. I has a good beginning that can start with a setting, action or talking.
    3. A good story uses transitions to help the reader know that the next part is going to happen or you are moving on in time and changing to the next part.
    4. The writer shares how he/she felt. The writer express emotions.
    5.   The writer uses sound effects to help make the story come to life.
    6. The writer writes more and uses describing words or adjectives to create a picture in our mind of what the writer sees, hears, tastes, feels, or smells.
    7. The write tries to write down the exact words of what is being said by someone to help the story come to life.
    8. The writer writes a good ending.

    We are practicing being good writers.  Now, for me, it is time to read the stories and conference with each student to help them be a better writer.

    Technology Students have all learned how to open a new Google Doc and complete a "paperless" assignment.  They all know how to email me their doc.  It was very exciting for them to know that they can send me their assignment.  Many of the students want to  email me notes in class now when they are done with their work. I told them they have to write about what they just learned.  Now, writing is FUN!

    Discovery Education  All students have access to educational videos in this program that can be found in CLEVER.  We are reading a story about Julius, and granddaddy goes to Alaska in the winter.  So, we all did a search on Alaska to find out more about this beautiful state up north.

    Math  We are now applying what we know about addition and subtraction.  We are solving word problems in class for about the next 11 lessons.  We discover the different types of word problems, so we understand how to solve real life problems.

    On Friday, in science we will be exploring the idea that some solid materials can be melted into liquids then frozen back into solids again. You can help your child’s learning by sitting down together to watch a fun short “How It’s Made” video showing glass in its molten (liquid) state:

    In class, students learned about the history of toy-making and how the invention of plastic made it possible for toys to be mass-produced. We solved the mystery, “Why are so many toys made of plastic?” Then students investigated the melting property Chemical Lab Flasks.png


    Illustration Of Colorful Autumn Leaves.png
    The First Day of Autumn is Friday, September 22nd.
    It is getting cooler. Pack a sweater in your backpack. Our air conditioner can create a chill in all of us now and then. Make sure your child's name is on new clothes.  

    Pack a snack,  too! Your scholars are getting hungry and starting to ask for food.  

    The Week of September 18th

    Monday, September 18 is our day for Oral Reading Assessments. I will share the results during our parent/teacher conferences.  

    Thursday, September 21st is our Language Usage computerized M.A.P. Test. 

    Plan ahead:
    Minimum Day October 5th.
    No School October 6th
    Parent/Teacher Conferences begins October 9th - October 13th. School is dismissed at 12:45.

      On Monday scholars are taking home their first homework packet.  We are starting off with a reading log and a math page.  Please make sure your child reads at least 10 minutes or MORE each night   Correct your child's math page WITH YOUR STUDENT. Students should make sure they write their name on their homework and return it on Friday.  Remember, I accept homework on Monday, if you need more time.  As the weeks move on and we get through all of our testing this week, I will be adding more math and spelling to the packet.  Try to MAKE SURE YOU read books at home with your child.  Reading at home is IMPORTANT. Ask lots of questions throughout the text.  Asking questions helps students understand what they read.   I also encourage students log into Imagine Learning at home. Search Then,  go to Student Logins, and click into CLEVER .  Clever is a very smart app that shows all the programs your child has access to this school year.

    We are studying even and odd numbers within 20.  Can your child count to 20 by 2s? Can your child find a way to prove that 18 is even and 11  is odd?  They can prove a number is even by counting items  using pairs or by putting the number of items into two equal groups.  If you have one left over, or have a remainder, then the number is odd. We are also understanding how we can use doubles like 5+5 to help us figure out 5+6 or 5+7.  We are using the doubles plus 1 strategy and the doubles plus 2 strategy.  By the end of the week, we should be adding three and 4 addends. 

    Reading  Last week we learned how to ask questions about what we were curious about before reading a story or an article.  We wondered and asked critical questions.  The students learned to say... First , I see.  Then, I think.  Last, I wonder and ask questions.  This is a thinking move that students practiced all week.  Please try it at home when you are reading a story with your scholar.   

    Try this thinking move at home.  Start wondering at home and asking questions about something.  This builds a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity to find out more about almost anything.  Think to yourself. I wonder... What-----? I wonder.... Who-----?  I wonder. When----?  I  wonder....Where----?  I wonder.... Why---?  I wonder.... How----?  This is a great way to start reading a new book.  Look at all the pictures and start wondering about what you see.  Think about it.  Then, start asking questions.

    Social Studies  We are studying maps and how they help us locate places.  Have you ever showed your child Google MAPs.  Show them where they live  and our location in the world.  We are study the directions on a Compass Rose.  

    Mystery Science  
    We investigated more properties of matter. The key to the lesson was learning about insulation.  Do you have examples of insulation in your home to help your student understand this property of matter?  Are your windows in your home insulated?

    Make it a GREAT WEEK!

    Thank you for attending
    Back-to-School Night last week!
    It was my pleasure to meet all of you.

    Illustration Of A Flag Of The United States.png
    For the Week of September 11th

    Picture Day is Tuesday, September 12th.
    Math M.A.P. Test is Thursday, September 14th.

    Math:  This week we are exploring the concepts of even and odd numbers.  We are also continuing to solve addition and subtraction equations.  By the end of the week, we will be adding equations with 3 or 4 addends. 
    Writing:  Scholars are learning to write  personal narratives about one small moment in their lives.  So far, we have learned how to choose  one SMALL MOMENT to share that is memorable and important.  We have learned to plan our stories with a sketch and write down notes that help us remember the details.  Last week, we added sound effects to make our stories come to life.  This week, we will continue to learn  to include our feelings or emotions during that special moment. We discussed 16 different emotions and talked about how our feelings change during the story. We will also learn a bank of transitional words that help us move the story from one moment to another.

    At home, please discuss  personal narrative ideas that would be fun to write about.  If you do something special over the weekend, remind your scholar that this moment would make a great personal narrative to write about during class.  
    Reading:  We are starting our reading groups this week with many intensive interventions.  If you know your child is struggling in reading, I will be making sure your scholar will be reading  EVERY DAY.  We are learning how to summarize a story's main events.  This week we will identify story structure, so students will be able to identify the setting, characters, problem, solutions and the three parts of a story which are the beginning, middle, and end.  A lesson study will happen in my room with second grade teachers in the District on Wednesday.  Our plan is to "create" a lesson that teaches students how to ask and answer questions about literature. I am excited to work with my colleagues to look into critical thinking strategies to reinforce our standards. 
    Ask your child to retell or summarize the story Shopping, by Dav Pilkey.  


    For the Week of September 4th:
    Happy Labor Day
    No School on 
    September 4th...  Enjoy your sunny day!

    Illustration Of The Sun With Clouds.png
    Dear Families,

    You're invited to Mt. Woodson's Back-to-School Night for Parents on Wednesday, September 6th.

    I encourage parents to PLEASE attend the PTA meeting. PTA supports our scholars! Let's show our support for our GREAT PTA!  Below is the schedule for how the night will run:                    
    5:30 PM   PTA Meeting in the cafeteria. (I will be there showing my support, and I am hoping to see you there with your enthusiasm to make Mt. Woodson a GREAT school for your child. WE NEED YOU to help support our programs.)    
    6:20 PM Classroom Teacher Presentation #1                          
    6:50 PM Transition from one class to another. Place a quick bid in the library                                                                   
    7:00 PM Classroom Teacher Presentation #2                           7:30 PM Last chance to bid in the library                                 7:45 PM  Bidding Closes in the library                                        
    Math Support   Are you interested in participating in math support for your child?  I am willing to give my time after school  to introduce the math strategies used in our math book. If you are interested, please sign up at Back to School Night.  It should take about 30 minutes after school on Friday, September 8th. You can also Email me if you are interested. Scholars must have their parent with them to participate.  

    School Pictures are scheduled for Tuesday, September 12th.  School Picture forms will  be handed out to your child on Tuesday.  
                                                                                                   September 9th at 3:30-5:00  
    PTA is hosting an after school Reflections Workshop for students in room 27. See the flyer that was sent home.                                  
    Our first homework packet will be sent home on September 18th.    Homework will include a daily reading log, so please be sure you start thinking about gathering books for home reading.  Do you have a Ramona Library card?
    I encourage you to visit our Ramona Library and check out books on Main Street across the street from Starbucks.  Your student will LOVE to go to the library.               
    I hope to see 100% of my enthusiastic parents on Wednesday, September 6th at  Back-to-School Night.  See you in the library at 5:30.
    Don't forget to join our PTA!  


    For the Week of August 28th...

                                                             Lion Face.png
    Thank you...

    for ALL the classroom supplies!  You filled my cabinets with plenty of Clorox wipes, tissues, paste, erasers, stickers, note pads, and colorful white board pens for all of us to use and enjoy  during the year.  I feel very thankful for all of your generous gifts.  For those students who brought their own headphones to class to use during the day, those students were very responsible taking care of the comfortable headphones that you supplied for them.  Thanks again!  

    The students also LOVE having their own water bottles to take a sip of fresh water after every recess.  This week, the forecast says it will be HOT! Please don't put juice or milk in the water bottle.

    Save the Dates
    Sept. 1st: 8:45 School wide  Character Trait (Respect) Assembly

    Sept. 4 Labor Day- No School
    Sept. 6 Back to School Night
    Sept. 7 Students take Fall M.A.P. Reading Test 
    Sept. 14 M.A.P. Math Test
    Sept. 15 School FUN RUN
    Sept. 21 M.A.P. Language  Usage Test
    Oct. 5 Compact Day Dismissal 1:05
    October 6 No School... Staff Development Day
    October 9-13 Parent/Teacher Conferences... Dismissal 12:45

    Parent Volunteers

    If you are interested in supplying special treats for our classroom celebrations this year, please email me and let me know that you would like to be added to the contact list. I will be organizing classroom parties and asking for your support.

    Sharing Schedule

    During the LAST week of each month, students will have an opportunity to share on their assigned sharing day.  

    Each student can share a small item that has a special meaning to the student - a personal "treasure" - to share with the class. Students will have about 3 minutes to share their special item.

    Tuesday: Student Numbers:  1-6 share.
    Wednesday: Student Numbers: 7-12 share.
    Thursday: Student Numbers: 13-19 share.
    Friday: Student Numbers: 20-25 share.

    The Week of August 21st
    Welcome Back to School EVERYBODY!Back To School.png

My name is Mrs. Alicia Stemm, and I am one of Mt. Woodson's second grade teachers. On August 21st at 8:30,  I am looking forward to opening my classroom door to meet and greet my new class of scholars for the 2017-2018 school year. I believe every day is an exciting day to learn new things and enjoy life. I am getting excited just thinking about it. This year will be my 29th year of teaching, and  it seems like yesterday when I started teaching.  It's true... time flies when you are having fun!  I have always respected my students and parents, and have discovered great rewards in teaching. Seeing my students  develop into productive and respectful adults is what makes this career rewarding.   The first day of school is always a special day that is never forgotten. Have NO fears, because I KNOW we will all have a GREAT day and year together. Here are a few reminders:

1. Be sure your student understands who is picking the student up from school each day. Students should know which bus to board on the bus card.
2. Water bottles are allowed in class, but not the kind that has a twist on cap. Caps can be a choking hazard. 
3. Put your name on everything:  lunchbox, jacket, sweater, hats, water bottle, and backpack. 
4.  If you bring your own, comfortable, wireless headphones from Staples, make sure you have your scholar's name it.  
5.  Please think about all the school rules that you remember from last year.  We will go over all the rules for our school during the First 25 Days of School.
6. Toys, trading cards, stuffed animals, and fidgets are not allowed in my classroom. Please check your child's backpack to make sure that these items are not brought to school.  
7. Students should not wear things that will distract them from learning or bring things that are valuable or breakable.  All the special jewelry and accessories are best to be kept at home.
8. School is exciting, and excitement can make a person hungry.  Please pack a snack everyday.  Be prepared...some days students are hungrier than other days.
9. Always dress for success! Wear running and playing shoes everyday.
10. Review M.W.'s  three important rules.  Be kind. Be safe. Be productive.
11. Parents are welcome  to walk into the room at 8:30 on the first day of school. However, when the bell rings at 8:40, we will be saying good-bye to our loved ones.

That is all for now. Students and parents can send me an email to introduce yourself.  Tell me something special about yourself.  I would love to hear from you.  See you soon! 

Send your messages to 

Enjoy the rest of your summer,
Mrs. Stemm