Attendance Line

a year ago

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Attendance is very important here at Mt. Woodson and we want all

our students to be here every day.  If, however, your child is unable to attend school, please let us know by calling and leaving the right information.

Attendance Number: 760-788-5120 ext. 5102.

Leave message including: Name of person calling, student name, date of absence, reason for absence and teacher. 

Student Pick-Up Policies

4 months ago

After School Student Pick Up…

As a staff, we have growing concerns about after-school pick up in our parking lot, and especially on Highland Valley Rd. near the back gate.  Remember, the guidelines were developed to ensure students are safe during arrival and dismissal times.   Since safety is our primary concern, it’s time to review pick up procedures.

The parking lot can be a challenging place, especially after school.  The guidelines are as follows:

1.    When picking up your student in the front, stay to the right in the lane marked with an arrow. This will let the cars going straight to pass by. Please STOP AT THE LINE before the first driveway to ensure the buses can get through and observe the CROSSWALK for pedestrians.

2.  The RED ZONE areas are NO PARKING at any time.Students must be dropped off and picked up at the YELLOW ZONE areas ONLY.

3.    Cars may not be left unattended in the YELLOW ZONE, or DOUBLE-PARKED in the lot at any time.

4.    After school if you are in the YELLOW ZONE, remember to keep moving forward as cars exit the YELLOW ZONE in front of you.  We line cars up all the way to the end of the sidewalk. 

5.    If you need to come into the school, you must park in a marked stall, or on the street.

Parents and adults responsible for picking students up at the end of the day, please do not double park on Highland Valley Rd. and ask your children to walk out between parked (but sometimes still running) cars to enter your vehicle.  This is a very dangerous practice!  Also, please do not park across the street on Highland Valley Rd. and direct your child to run across that very busy road.  If you choose to park across Highland Valley Road, you will have to exit your car and walk across the street and escort your child across the street yourself.  Teachers and other school personnel can not allow your child to cross the road without being accompanied by an adult.  Also, many parents are making U-turns in the middle of Highland Valley Road; again, a very dangerous practice.  Finally, please do not park in the red zones at the corner of Archie Moore Trail and Highland Valley Rd. or at the drive-thru gate near the Thrive classroom; neither of these areas should be blocked at anytime.  Our after school pick up goes pretty quickly; the majority of students are picked up before the buses leave at 2:00 PM.  Please be patient and safe for the sake of your child and all the other children and adults at our school.  Thank you!

If you are coming in to pick up your children after school, please wait for them outside the main office doors, and let your children know that’s where you’ll meet them.